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Become an NFNLP Accredited Coach/Trainer while having loads of FUN!!!

Convenient, Affordable,

Best Internationally Accredited NLP Training in Bangalore.

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Become a highly successful Coach, Therapist, Counselor, Trainer or Salesperson

Train with NLP Author, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Trainer – Naresh Kumar

We value Empowerment, Transformation and Deep Connection. We believe that one can easily and effortlessly transform themselves and others while having FUN.

Happiness and Emotional Freedom is the goal we continuously seek for ourselves and our clients.  We are here to create a dent in universal consciousness by creating wonderful change workers.

We train coaches, trainers, and therapists through our Internationally recognized NLP Trainings. We love rapid transformation.


Why us?

  • Internationally recognized NLP Trainings accredited to NFNLP, USA
  • The most cost effective way in India to become an NLP Coach/NLP Trainer with International standing – accredited to NFNLP USA.
  • Weekend batches
  • Highly qualified NLP Coaches – lead by Naresh Kumar, Author of Influence: Top 11 NLP Tools for Influence and Persuasion, Master Trainer – NFNLP USA
  • Four Levels of Internationally accredited NLP Programs

Who are we? (NLP Training in Bangalore)

NLP Minds is an initiative of people interested in expanding human potential.

We are passionate about rapid transformation, self-empowerment, and developing deep connection within and with the universe.

At NLP Minds, we deliver Internationally Accredited NLP Training and Hypnosis Workshops.

Our belief is that the change can be fast and easy. One does not need to go through the hardships to be healed, or for self-improvement or to learn something of great value. One can easily and effortlessly transform themselves and others while having loads of FUN.

Our Hypnosis, EFT and NLP trainings are conducted by Author and Mind Coach, Naresh Kumar.  Naresh is Master Trainer with NFNLP USA and conducts four Levels of Internationally recognized NLP Programs  in India. He is also a Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer.


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Want to learn NLP?

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Go through our NLP page or NLP FAQs to know more about NLP and our programs.

Your NLP journey with us starts with NLP Practitioner course. The second level is NLP Master Practitioner. For those who want to become great trainers/facilitators the third level is NLP Train The Trainer course.

You can also have an overview of our various course offerings and home study courses at this page.

Naresh Kumar

Naresh is an Author, Success Coach and Hypnotherapist. He has been mentored by Dr. William Horton, founder of NFNLP (FL USA). He is also a Certified NLP Coach by Richard Bandler, and Certified Success Principles Trainer by Canfield Training Group.

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